Consulting Expertise & Experience

For several years, I worked in community based youth, education, employment, and community development agencies in Greater Boston – as both frontline staff and as a manager; and I also have direct experience working in municipal and state agencies. Since 1994, I have worked as a full-time management consultant. My work has resulted in new structures and products in the fields of workforce development and child abuse prevention, and has focused on:

  • program design and improvement;
  • organizational effectiveness;
  • staff training and development;
  • building networks and communications within and across organizations.

Much of my consulting work has occurred during multi-year assignments with state level and regional organizations (e.g., Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation; Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund; Metro SouthWest Regional Employment Board). At the same time, I have consulted with over 50 community based, quasi-public, and governmental organizations over the past 15 years.

Corporate Capacity & Strategic Intent

As a full time management consultant, I have considerable flexibility and control over my schedule. I seek to work with only 3 to 4 organizations at any one time. I focus on providing client organizations with excellent products – and I learn more about the significance of process during each assignment.

While I work as an independent consultant, key initiatives and accomplishments have always involved working with a team. My consulting efforts have been most effective and valuable when I have developed considerable resonance, clarity, and connection with the primary contact person at an organization.

Five Major Areas of Consulting Experience

[1] Capacity Building

Co-Director of Capacity Building Project with Boston Centers for Youth & Families (2010 – 2011) Team of 10 consultants provided training, TA, and related resources to staff of 22 ESOL and ABE programs in Boston.

Team Leader for Employment TA Project with ABCD, Inc. (2009 – 2010) Team of 6 consultants provided in-depth training, TA, innovative job readiness website, and other resources to 17 Job Developers working in neighborhoods across Boston.

Co-Founder of Commonwealth Workforce Coalition (1997 – 2009) CWC is now the primary provider of professional development services for staff in Massachusetts’ workforce development system, and a national model for independent entities doing this work. Starting out with an initial working group of 12 nonprofits, CWC now serves hundreds of staff and their organizations each year. Current core services are 4 to 40 hour trainings, regional peer learning networks, and an annual statewide conference.

Lead Designer/Team Leader for the Capacity Building Initiative (2006 – 2007) This year long initiative of CWC was supported by United Way of Mass Bay and developed the skills of staff from 12 skill training organizations in Greater Boston. Services included trainings and peer learning projects.

[2] Innovative & Breakthrough Products

Career Center Request for Proposals (1995) was issued by the Boston Private Industry Council and set out for the first time how One Stop Career Centers would be developed in Massachusetts.

Boston Dislocated Worker Program Policies and Procedures (1996) was issued by JCS/EDIC/City of Boston and, with modifications continues to serve as the mechanism for the city’s Individual Training Account Program.

Voices from the Field: Priorities for Building Capacity in Massachusetts’ Workforce Development Programs published by Commonwealth Workforce Coalition, 2005 (co-author) remains the definitive survey of 450 staff on their professional development needs.

Online Bureau of Job Readiness Resources developed in 2009 to provide Job Developers in a wide range of program settings with online access to job readiness exercises, curricula, and related resources.

[3] Training Design & Delivery

Reinvention on the Run: Federal, State, Local Workforce Development Issues (1997 – 2012) This training, developed over ten years, introduces staff to the Massachusetts workforce development system. It focuses on the policy issues and practical challenges facing organizations that (1) set regional workforce development policy and (2) deliver education, training, and employment services in Massachusetts. The training has been presented over 40 times in: a workshop format at conferences; full and half day group trainings; half day sessions at staff meetings of single organizations; and one on one executive coaching.

Workforce Development Staff Trainings (1997 – 2012) I developed and delivered several trainings, including Strategic Planning for Workforce Development (24 hours), Program Design (8 – 12 hours), PEER Training Institute on Policy and Advocacy (16 hours), and Working with Participants (designed and coordinated 40 hour Training Institute), and Jobseekers & Employers: Developing the Skills to Serve Both Customers (75 hours).

[4] Networking & Facilitating

Co-Founder of the Healthy Families Massachusetts Network (1999 – 2003) This innovative statewide network was staff centered and staff driven, and provided 350 Healthy Families staff with five regional forums in which they could learn from and support each other. I co-facilitated 65 regional meetings – averaging 45 – 50 staff.

Regional Networking for Workforce Development Staff (2005 – 2012) I designed and delivered regional networking for education, training, and employment program staff in Central, Northeastern, Southeastern, and Western Mass, reaching out to identify regional organizers, developing meeting agendas, and convening and facilitating meetings for over 7 years.

[5] Coalition Building

Founder and first Executive Director of Massachusetts Workforce Alliance (2000 – 2005) I founded MWA (which was governed by 10 Member Coalitions) in order for the staff and programs responsible for delivering education, training, and employment services to gain a voice in policy setting discussions. MWA published groundbreaking reports (see publications webpage) and initiated proposals to the legislature for new funding for skill training.

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